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Send us the property you are offering by filling out the following form. An officially licensed real estate broker (or several) will contact you to help you sell or rent your property. Whether it's a home, condo, apartment, beach house, building, lot, development land, farm, retail or commercial space for rent or sale or a business opportunity for sale in Costa Rica one of our realtors will contact you almost immediately upon receiving your information.

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I declare that I am the owner or legal representative of the property that I am offering through this MLS and it's real estate broker members. I also agree that if a broker member of the Costa Rica National Chamber of Real Estate Brokers (CCCBR) presents me with a customer (buyer or renter) for aforementioned property and the business closes that I will pay this broker a % commission of the real total price of the sale. (The common use in Costa Rica is to pay 5% real estate commission plus 13% sales tax on the real estate service*). * Note: The real estate broker is responsible for collecting the sales tax by law and must charge the owner 13% on the commission for the sale of the property in observance of the Ley General del Impuesto Sobre las Ventas (Sales Tax Law), Article 1, subparagraph 'n'. ------ enter the commission in numberic form i.e. "5" for 5% or "6.5" for 6.5%
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